About us
I started Oracle Fine Finishes after 10 years plus in the industry and working for a very reputable company. I started out in the painting industry but it was the Furniture finishing that really drew me in. The work i do gives me a sense of fulfillment. It's so satisfying when a client is just taken back at how beautiful and astonishing a piece of furniture or cabinet can look once finished. I've had the pleasure of doing all kinds of pieces and works from clients who wished to have old kitchen cabinets refinished and brought back to life, clients who have wanted accent kitchen islands painted, furniture makers who have needed their intricate beautiful pieces finished for them, high gloss entry doors with beautiful brush strokes. even lamppost who needed a good sanding and painting for them to really bring out their charm. I truly enjoy what I do everyday.

Rodolfo P.
What We Do
Oracle fine finishes specializes in custom cabinet and woodwork finishes and coatings. Based in framingham, with over 10 years experience oracle has been finishing custom woodwork and cabinetry from residential clients and custom furniture makers. We specializes in fine spray finishes on kitchen cabinets and vanities. We can also finish other pieces such as closet shelving, wooden countertops, wooden furniture pieces, and old or new entry doors.
Our Mission
Our mission is simple. We strive to provide our clients with every fiber of professionalism we have in us. The most important part of our job is you and making sure you are completely happy with the work we turn out. We provide our clients with a finish that is smooth, elegant, free from contamination, and very durable. We try to use mainly water based products with low Voc's, but will apply any material you desire should you want something solvent based. There is no project too small or too big for us to handle.